Scary Halloween Masks


Scary Halloween Masks

Michael Myers vs Pinhead?  Who will it be?The fun of Halloween is dressing up to become someone (or something) you are not.   Scary halloween masks make Halloween easy and fun.  For those of us in a Halloween state of mind, here are some of the best selections of the season that will assist all your buying Halloween masks needs.

Purchase Halloween Masks for 2010

Here is a nice selection of high quality yet affordable Halloween Masks that are sure to make your Halloween party a huge and scary good time!

Michael Myers Mask

Michael Myers Mask

It’s a classic from a slasher!  This Halloween night will be filled with frights with the Deluxe Michael Myers mask. Incredibly well-made.  Pulled over the head, this mask is 100% latex with attached brown hair and life-like eyebrows. Molded facial characteristics and eerie weathered finish authenticate “The Shape’s” signature visage.Rating: ★★★★★

Pinhead Mask

Hellraiser Pinhead Mask

You’re a fan of the ultimate horror flick – show it off with the  Hellraiser Pinhead Mask. This incredibly creepy mask is sure to scare them into submission this Halloween! The Economy Pinhead Adult Mask includes a white latex mask with fake teeth and molded pins.Rating: ★★★★★

Rob Zombie's Halloween Michael Myers Mask

Rob Zombie's Halloween Michael Myers Mask

Rob Zombie has poured his twisted vision into one of the best horror icons ever made.  This mask does justice to that vision with it’s authentic feel and exquisite attention to detail.   Halloween II Michael Myers Mask is top quality.  True Michael Myers Halloween fans won’t be disappointed when they sport this super creepy mask.Rating: ★★★★★

Donnie Darko Frank the Bunny Halloween Mask

Donnie Darko Frank the Bunny Halloween Mask

The cult phenomenon lives with this exact replica of Donnie Darko’s haunting friend, the Donnie Darko Frank the Bunny Mask is a full overhead gray rabbit mask with white eyes and scary teeth and signature big ears to add to his bizarre and ominous look!

Rating: ★★★★★

Go inside the studio of one of the world’s best mask maker:

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Here are this years best Halloween Masks:michael myers maske

Halloween Masks

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